Static Ad Removal: Accidental Tech Podcast launches a membership program


The excellent Accidental Tech Podcast has launched a membership program. For $8/Month you can get access to their ad-free feed (and likely more to come!). While it seems a tad on the high end on first place, keep it mind that you’re getting roughly audiobook-length (8-ish hours) podcasts per month. They’re also making a very good show too!

The irony of this is, that of all the podcasts I listen to ATP is somewhere at the top of having enjoyable ads. They have generally good and interesting sponsors, the ad reads are fun and non-intrusive (unlike these super annoying dynamically inserted ones). ATP also has a very good ad-to-content ratio.

Even better, most of the podcasts I listen to which have more annoying ad reads either don’t provide an ad-free feed at all (if there’s a Patreon or similar it usually just provides extra content and other stuff) or are not made well enough for me to support them (show notes not being filled in, etc).

I suggest to go ahead and support ATP in their decision!

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