The Flimsiness of ‘Business vs. Consumer’ as a Justification for Apple’s Rejection of Hey From the App Store for Not Using In-App Purchases


The new email service from Basecamp “Hey” got an update to their app rejected, because Apple can’t stop being Apple and is doing nefarious bullshit with their in-App-purchase guidelines.

Short version: “Hey” is not providing any option to signup or start a subscription from within their app (to workaround the 30% problem), the same as e.g. Netflix and Dropbox do. But because they are a consumer and not a business product are not as big as Netflix or Dropbox Apple is applying different rules here and are not allowing them in anyways.

Apple made up an argument about “Business vs. Customer”.

First, no such distinction is made in the App Store Review Guidelines. The lone instance of “consumer” refers to the “Consumer Health Records API”.

Oops. Apple is clearly on the wrong here, and they really need to sort their crap out when it comes to their review guidelines and especially in-App purchases.

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