MEPs blast ‘Apple-only‘ voting app


To use the app, an Apple device and an account with the US company are required.

This is remarkable, not least because the European Union has repeatedly taken action against Apple in recent years.

This thing should’ve been available on iOS, Android (including Google-less Android), and as a web-app fallback..

Since then, votes have been cast mostly by e-mail using scanned ballots. This shall continue to be possible, but committee chairmen are urging the use of the new app.

Better than faxing machines, we’re making progress here!

However, this improved infrastructure for voting with scanned ballot papers cannot be used for committees, according to the document sent to MEPs. However, the parliament could not explain why this is not possible when asked by


For Schirdewan, it is only the most recent in a series of developments, as he says already a large part of parliament systems are only accessible via Apple devices

In addition to it, iVote also sends all voting data to the cloud storage,“ he writes in his blog. If MPs refused to accept the iCloud terms of use, they could not vote


The German social democrat Katarina Barley called it a > question of Europe’s digital sovereignty

Which to me is incredibly hilarious, considering how utterly shitty Germany is in regard to "digital sovereignty”. Now, I’d mostly blame the CDU party for that, but the SPD (her party) does have it’s big share in that too.

Barley hopes that in future, instead of using the app, it will be possible to vote in committees using a secure e-mail voting procedure.

That’s even better, just look at the existence of De-Mail. It’s a giant joke, and to even a funny one.

„The European Parliament has had to digitise its way of working at breakneck speed“, says Danish MEP Karen Melchior, who is part of the liberal Renew Europe group.

But only because they refused to do so in the past. The internet isn’t exactly a new thing

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