EU court kills data-sharing deal with USA


I’m glad that Doctorow linked to an article and talked about it, because I did read about it on, but they didn’t do a translation on this one and I didn’t want to link to a German article. However, it also meant that I skipped hunting for an English source.

Schrems is doing important work here and has been fighting against Facebook for a while now.

It’s an important ruling, considering that I don’t trust US privacy laws further than I can throw an NSA data center.

Here’s a quick summary of the events:

  1. Schrems sues, because of Facebook’s extensive privacy issues
  2. EU disallows that data of EU citizens is stored on US servers
  3. “Privacy Shield” happens, which softens that ruling and is a sort of data-sharing deal
  4. Schrems explains what this is bullshit (spoiler: it involves the NSA)
  5. The EU court stops “Privacy Shield”.

Quick sidetone: I love Doctorow’s URL hash for this entry!

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