Apple erroneously revokes Charlie Monroe's developer certificate


After more investigation, I found out that the distribution certificates were revoked – evidently by Apple as no one else has access to them and I was sound asleep when all this happened. […] When Apple revokes the certificate, it’s generally a remove kill-switch for the apps.

Anyway, there is (to my knowledge) no hotline for developers that you can call. As it was 7AM (all times are CET), Apple’s contact form only showed the option to send them an email – so I did. At 9AM with my teeth grinding, I went for the phone option where you leave a number and they call you back. Didn’t.

This is the issue here. Mistakes happen.. However for something like revoking the certificate they should not only make damn sure that this is what they want to do (which clearly didn’t happen hear), but also provide a good way to contact them

after almost 24 hours after 10PM, I got my account re-instated

That is too long.

Apple has called and apologized for the complications. The issue was caused by my account being erroneously flagged by automated processes

Don’t the manually check the output of their automated process‽

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