I’ve worn Alexa-enabled glasses for two weeks. They’re driving me bananas


I absolutely love the idea of smart glasses. There are some non-technical issues with them. The wearer's privacy, every one else's, and the implication that people instead of glancing at their smartphones in social situations they're now glancing at their glasses, which might interrupt and disturb these.

I also think the tech isn't quite there yet, both in terms of assistants and in terms of hardware. I'd also prefer having an image instead of just sound with these, otherwise they're just smart earbuds but without the rudeness of wearing earbuds during conversations.

Up close, Alexa isn’t smart enough to know when you’re speaking with another human, so sometimes it interrupted with its random chirps.

With smart watches and phones going more and more in the "always listening, waiting for a keyword" direction this will get better I think.

My bigger technical problem has been keeping them running. The Frames battery has never really made it through the day — they conk out after three hours of constant music streaming at 60 percent volume.

To be fair, I wouldn't want to use them to stream lots of music, due to their sound. So who knows how good the regular use battery life is.

All in all, I'm super curious how this sort of tech will develop within the next 5-10 years

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