These students figured out their tests were graded by AI — and the easy way to cheat


Head -> Desk.

Lazare writes two long sentences followed by a disjointed list of keywords[...]

“So you go through, okay, what are the possible keywords that are associated with this? [...]”

Apparently, that “word salad” is enough to get a perfect grade on any short-answer question in an Edgenuity test.

I'm having a hard time calling this "AI". But more power to the students. Play stupid games, win stupid prices. Relying completely on the automatic grading without checking the output is plain idiotic

Edgenuity didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment, but the company’s online help center suggests this may be by design. According to the website, answers to certain questions receive 0% if they include no keywords, and 100% if they include at least one.


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